Site Update Planned!
Read about it below.

The page you requested is not finished yet. It may be that the pictures that have been sent in are not yet added or it could be that there are no pictures as of yet. Due to the fact that I am planning a complete site upgrade I am no longer accepting photos to fill the missing links now. If and when the new software is finished an online User's Garage will be added to allow members to post pictures of their rides as well as build specs and a lot more. That will replace the main index page. There will still be a Visual Id page, but it will be gotten to through the forums instead. If you have sent in pictures in the past and they were never added that would have been due to a computer crash on my personal computer some time back and all pictures were lost. Check this site from time to time to see what has changed. You may want to join the forums yourself (If you haven't yet) and post pictures of your ride once the new Garage is added.

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